The current market offers a relatively varied portfolio of bank and non-bank loans. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get a certain amount of money, there is no problem to navigate the menu and choose the option that will suit you best. Of course, it is still true that the ideal situation uses regular income and saved financial reserve. However, such a situation is hardly feasible for most households.

What are registers?

cash registers

The register is pronounced with a negative nickname, but does not always mean the worst. The main sources are three – NRKI, BRKI and Retro. The non-banking register is mainly used by leasing companies and companies that offer hire purchase. The bank register registers clients who draw a loan with registered banks and agrees to the registration. Writing and evaluating from these registers can also benefit you. If you apply for another loan, the bank or institution will evaluate you as a client who has honored its obligations and has repayment experience.

A single Retro represents a risk or restriction. It keeps records of clients who, for example, have not paid the prescribed payment for telecommunications services for three months. Also missing payments for energy are also recorded. Unfortunately, debts of more than 500 CZK fall into the register. Thus, even by forgetfulness or unfinished phone number transfer, you can get to the list without knowing it.

Update data

update information

Every month, Retro and other registers verify the data. Only after the contractual relationship with the company has been terminated and after several years, the registers completely delete the records. Retro records data for up to five years. Quite a long time to make minor offenses from the past unpleasantly unpleasant life.

Sudden spending – what now?

credit problem

Let’s say you have a regular income, trying to anticipate spending, and managing your lifestyle to your current budget options. At least in an unsuitable time, your car, washing machine or your phone will break down in an awkward way.

If you buy goods through a consumer loan or apply for a loan at a bank, you may experience a longer settlement time and, in addition, enrollment in the register will greatly reduce your chances of success.

The optimal solution here is non-bank loans without a register. A private provider can offer you a flexible option to help you overcome difficult times, balance your home budget, pay for a repair, buy a new appliance, or settle the obligation in any way.

Boojum offers non-bank loans available to all applicants. A simple request system opens up new possibilities. You fill in the application online only with basic data. The SMS will confirm your online loan approval and the money will be transferred to your account immediately. It is not necessary to attend personal meetings or to complete complex administration. You are not bound by the condition to deliver the amount of income or prove your payment history without any defects.